District and School Flyers

peachjar logoBrenham ISD is proud to offer Peachjar, an innovative flyer management system that sends school-approved digital flyers directly to parents' inboxes! This “green” initiative saves paper and reduces copy costs for schools and community organizations. Parents can easily find, view flyers, and take action immediately to sign up for activities and events. These e-flyers are also posted on each school’s website for at least one month. Look for the Peachjar icon on your school’s website!

If you provided an email address upon registering your child in Brenham ISD, a Peachjar account has been established for you. You will receive an email from Peachjar with your login information so you can manage your account and flyer delivery preferences. You do not need to log in to receive or view e-flyers. If you did not provide your email address and would like to receive Peachjar e-flyers, let your school office know to add your email address to our student database. Please know that Peachjar is used exclusively for distribution of district- and school-approved flyers. Peachjar does not share or use your email address for any other purpose.  

If you as a parent are not receiving emails from Peachjar, there are a few possible reasons for this:

  • Your email address is not on file with your school or it is incorrect. Let your school office know to add or edit your email address in the student information system.
  • The Peachjar emails are going into your spam folder or you can't see the images in the email. To prevent the e-flyers from going into your spam folder, add “school@peachjar.com” to your email contacts. When you receive your first e-flyer, be sure to click “always display images.” If you prefer text emails, you can indicate that in your Peachjar account. Text emails are also best for accessibility.
  • You unsubscribed from Peachjar emails. To resubscribe, visit www.peachjar.com.

Can't access your Peachjar account? See these FAQs for resetting your password and troubleshooting other issues.

Non Profits/Other: Entities that have been declared a non-profit by the state or IRS. Groups with non-profit status must be able to provide an electronic copy of their 501 (c) 3. A tax exempt form is not acceptable. ‘Other’ includes governmental entities and higher education institutions.

Businesses: Any for-profit group, organization or business that does not qualify as a non-profit.

BISD Related: Events or camps organized by BISD employees or organizations such as booster clubs or campus sponsored clubs. The school-related event or camp must exist for the sole purpose of advancing extracurricular programs in the district.

All e-Flyers must meet the following standards:

  • Support the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefit the students, or be of intrinsic value to the students or their parents/guardians.
  • Activity or event promoted must be age and/or developmentally appropriate for students.
  • Include the name of the organization sponsoring the service or event.
  • Peachjar will automatically add the following disclaimer in English and Spanish:
    • "DISCLAIMER: The activities, products, or services advertised in this flyer are not sponsored or endorsed by BISD or its schools.”
    • “DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: Las actividades, productos o servicios publicitados en este folleto no están patrocinados ni respaldados por el BISD ni sus escuelas.”

It is strongly recommended that all flyers be submitted in both English and Spanish in the same document.

e-Flyers will be denied for the following reasons: in accordance with policies GKDA (LOCAL) and GKB (LOCAL).

Peachjar charges a fee for businesses utilizing this service. Organizations may register with Peachjar as a "Program Provider" and upload flyers for distribution to the desired school(s). After your flyer has been submitted, it will be routed automatically to the school district office for approval, then emailed as a visually engaging image to all parents who have their email address on file in the district. 

Peachjar also offers a Community Free (free-for-free) policy to allow local organizations offering free programs with no encouragement for future fees, paid services or vendor participation, to distribute their digital flyers at no cost. (Limited to one posting every 30 days.) Please contact Peachjar directly to see if your organization qualifies.

Learn More or for Help Uploading your Digital flyer

Your digital flyer will still need to meet the guidelines for digital distribution. Please contact Brooke Trahan at 979-277-3700 with any additional questions.

Community Organizations

  • Ensure flyer delivery to parents
  • Upload your flyer to Peachjar within minutes - no more hand delivering flyers
  • Send up to 4 pages at no extra cost
  • Track your flyer campaign's performance with digital flyer metrics
  • Add call to action buttons that link directly to your destination of choice


  • Receive flyers as digital images by email
  • View all school flyers online quickly (mobile friendly!)
  • Choose delivery frequency
  • Share digital flyers on social media to encourage friends to participate
  • Easily click on digital flyers to sign up
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