BISD Distinguished Alumni

Your participation is requested in the selection of outstanding alumni of the Brenham Public Schools. Brenham ISD will have an annual celebration luncheon recognizing the history and success of both the schools and its alumni each September. If you wish to nominate someone, this form must be submitted to the Central Administration Office of Brenham ISD. Unless there are COVID-19 restrictions that may require postponement, any nominations received after that date will not be considered for the 2022 awards. They will be kept on file, however, for a period of five years.  


The Selection Committee will focus its consideration upon alumni who have demonstrated the character traits of leadership and service, with the nominee’s personal and professional success being an additional factor. Examples should include:

  • Active participation in community, state, or national activities
  • Evidence of lasting contribution to an organization, business, or society in general
  • Exhibited leadership ability
  • Distinction in personal life

Click here to access the nomination form.


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2021-Cheryl DaBera, Michael O'Shea, Ray Rodenbeck, Don Sharp

2019-Charles Ellison, Atwood Kenjura, Ronald Parker, Kay Lyn Schwartz

2018-Ann Schwartz Bishop, Dr. Alex Colvin, Paul Ehlert, Tyson Voelkel

2017-Matt Bentke, Michael Harrison, Joel Romo, Dr. Milton L. "Chip" Routt Jr.

2016-Harry Kolkhorst, Hal Moorman, Octavia Jones Reed, Charles Schwartz

2015-Donald Ray Ahrens, Clifton Evans, Jim Kolkhorst, Paul Senff

2014-William Betts,  Bessie Adams Burks, Booker T. Hogan, Jr., Wade Seidel

2013-Janet Zetik Gerke, Jacqueline “Jackie” Mays, Billy Joe “Bill” Weiss, Patricia Hogan Williams

2012-Loretta M. Johnson, Harry Kay Lesser, Jr., James D. Rothermel, Leon Toubin

2011-Arleigh “Jack” Appel, Bennie L. Cole, Dr. Donald K. Draehn, Calvin Kossie

2010-Robert C. “Buster” Appel, Patricia Pettie Bassett, Dr. Thomas H. Giddings, Terry O. Tottenham

2009-Tiemann H. “Skipper” Dippel, Jr., Kermit W. Fox, Lois Kolkhorst, Dr. Thomas Randle

2008-John Barnhill, Annie Bell Isaacs Estelle, Joe Al Picone, Dr. Robert G. Wright

2007-Dr. Deanna Alfred, Howard Kruse, Tommie Sullivan, Daniel C. Williams

2006-James S. Beard, Dr. W.F. Hasskarl, Jr., Walter C Schwartz, Josie B. Williams

2005-Weldon Krueger, Dr. Frank Malina, Johnie Schulte Jr., Dorothy Dallmeyer Utesch