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  • Welcome to Brenham ISD (2023-2024 School Year)

    Register your NEW K-12th grade student for the 2023-2024 school year using Brenham ISD's online registration system powered by Ascender Parent Portal. If you have a new Pre-K student, please reference "Pre-K Registration Information" below which includes all pre-kindergarten eligibility requirements and application packets. 

    A new student is defined as new to Brenham ISD and having never attended a school in Brenham ISD, or a previous Brenham ISD student that withdrew and is re-enrolling.

    *If you have never created a BISD Parent Portal account, please do so.  If you are re-enrolling a former student to our district and previously had a BISD Parent Portal Account, log-in and select "enroll a new student."

    2023-2024 NEW Student Registration:

    Brenham ISD follows the State of Texas guidelines by offering tuition free Pre-K programs.  Students must be four (4) years of age on or before September 1 of the new school year to qualify.  In addition, one or more of the eligibility requirements listed below must be met. Please read below and be prepared to provide appropriate documentation at the time of registration.

    Pre-Kindergarten Eligibility Requirements

    Must meet one or more of the following:

    • Economically Disadvantaged – Families must meet the federal income eligibility guidelines. Two months worth of income information on all household members must be provided at the time of registration.
    • Limited English Proficiency – Students qualifying will be tested on the day of registration to determine placement. The child must be present at the time of registration.
    • Parent Active Duty Military – The child of a parent that is an active duty member of the armed forces of the US or the child of a member of the armed forces who was injured or killed while serving in active duty. Department of Defense identification and a Statement of Service from the Adjutant General/Director of Human Resources or an official letter from a commander that he/she is active/mobilized must be provided at the time of registration.
    • Homeless – Students qualifying as defined by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.
    • Foster Care – A child in or has been in conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services following an adversary hearing under Family Code 262.201. Appropriate documentation from the Department of Family and Protective Services must be provided.

    Enrollment Information 

    Prior to any Pre-K registration, you MUST complete the following paperwork:

    Pre-K Application Packet (English)   |  Paquete de solicitud de prekínder (Spanish) 

    If you attend an in-person registration event (dates listed above), your eligibility status will be verified before registration can commence.  Please be prepared to present your eligibility documents and the above Pre-K application packet.  

    If you cannot attend an in-person registration event, please contact Rosa Longoria (979-277-3770 ext: 2700) to have your eligibility status verified prior to registering online.  

    *Incomplete information will not be accepted, and a Pre-Kindergarten placement will not be granted.

    Take this opportunity to sign up for text messages. Text "Y" or "Yes" to 67587 to receive district news directly to your cell. Lastly, download the ParentSquare app and follow Brenham ISD on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

    Steps to register a K-12th grade student:

    1. Prior to beginning the online registration process, gather the following documents. Uploading of these documents is required.
      • Student’s social security number (optional but preferred)
      • Proof of Residency - Utility bill, lease/mortgage agreement, Brenham ISD approved notarized documentation
      • Driver’s license or government issued photo ID of parent/legal guardian
      • Student’s birth certificate
      • Student’s immunization record
        • Note: Immunizations must be approved by a campus nurse to ensure compliance with the State of Texas Requirements
      • History of School Attendance - student’s withdrawal form, student’s last report card or student’s high school transcript
        • Note: If the student has taken any high school courses for credit, a transcript showing credit is required to make an appointment with a high school Guidance Counselor.
    2. Create an Ascender Parent Portal Account. An email address is required to create the account. More information about Ascender Parent Portal may be found at this link.
    3. In the Ascender Parent Portal account, click “Enroll a New Student” and proceed through the enrollment process. If a family has multiple students, each student must be enrolled individually, but you will only need one parent portal account.  The parent portal will retain contact information. Upon completing all required information, click “Enroll Student.”
    4. A campus, or district representative will contact you via email and/or letter prior to the beginning of school with the campus placement information. Additional documents may be required to complete your student’s registration.  *Please be sure to provide a current email address and cell phone number. 
    5. Take this opportunity to sign up for text messages. Text "Y" or "Yes" to 67587 to receive district news directly to your cell. Lastly, download the Brenham ISD app and follow Brenham ISD on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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  • New student enrollment will close on towards of end of July, 2024. To enroll before the end of July, please read the enrollment steps listed below. If you need assistance, please call Noemi Navarro-Torres at 979-277-3700 ext. 2171.
    If you need to make a registration appointment, please call Noemi Navarro-Torres at 979-277-3700 ext. 2171 or email:

    Did you miss registering before the end of July 2024?

    If you are needing to register a new student after the deadline of the end of July 2024, please refer to the specific grade level contacts below:

    Pre-K Late Enrollment Rosa Longoria 979-277-3770 ext. 2700
    Kinder-4th Grade Late Enrollment Noemi Navarro-Torres 979-277-3700 ext. 2171
    5th-6th Grade Late Enrollment Diane Garcia 979-277-3845 ext. 3067
    7th-8th Grade Late Enrollment Kathryn Klussmann 979-277-3830 ext. 2456
    9th-12th Grade Late Enrollment Loretta Kapchinski 979-277-3800 ext. 1060


    -24/25 PreK Registration opens on April 1, 2024

    -24/25 K-12 Registration opens on May 1, 2024

    -24/25 Annual Student Update opens on Aug. 1, 2024

  • Parent Portal "Annual Student Update" opens on Thursday, August 1, 2024, to update your contact information, address and submit health information forms. 

    Please note: Every year, all parents and guardians are required to complete the Annual Student Update for each student enrolled in Brenham ISD.

    *Reminder: Even if you registered a NEW student on or before the end of July 2024, you are still required to log into your Ascender Parent Portal account and complete your annual student update.

    How to Complete your Annual Enrollment Verification/Update

Click on the checklist below when registering a new student:
Parent Back to School Checklist