EZtask District/Campus Website Information

If you are a designated campus liaison, use this page to access your EZ Task Titanium campus log-in page.

Welcome to your EZ Task Titanium CAMPUS LIAISON website!

Campus Liaisons: >>Click here to access your account<<

Best practices

  • Make sure your home page is always up-to-date (consider using news and events module!).
  • Check your staff directories to make sure they’re current.
  • Keep your quicklinks in ABC order (click and drag, submenus).
  • Click every link in the quicklinks each year to make sure the content is current.
  • Set all external links to open in a new tab.

Where to go for help...

Welcome to your EZ Task Titanium ADMIN/DEPARTMENT website!

Department Liaisons or EZtask Admins: >>Click here to access your account<<

  • This log-in screen is just for designated EZtask administrators or department liaisons. 


EZ Task Titanium Support Documents: 

Securing a File with a Password.pdf