Department Functions & Initiatives

Department Functions


  • Serve as a liaison between public safety partners for the district (police, fire, EMS and other entities)
  • Develop and maintain a Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan for the District
  • Develop and maintain Campus based and Facility specific Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plans for all BISD campuses and facilities
  • Serve as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the district
  • Manage and serve on the District Safety and Security Committee
  • Perform regular Campus Safety Audits
  • Perform and ensure improvement in emergency response drills (i.e. fire, lockdown, lockout, hold, shelter, and evacuation)
  • Provide training and other items necessary to ensure the safety and security of all partners of NBISD

Department Security Initiatives


Because of the nature of our security initiatives, we can only mention some of them:

  • Standard Response Protocol (SRP)
  • Student and Staff ID Badges
  • Brenham ISD will continue to implement a layered approach to campus safety including the installation of secure entrances and vestibules, traffic control bollards, and adding sophisticated security cameras throughout our schools
  • Local Law Enforcement Partnerships
  • Safety & Security Committee