Alumni Nomination Page

Your participation is requested in the selection of outstanding alumni of the Brenham Public Schools. Brenham ISD will have an annual celebration luncheon recognizing the history and success of both the schools and its alumni each September. If you wish to nominate someone, this form must be submitted to the Central Administration Office of Brenham ISD by June 24, 2024. Any nominations received after that date will not be considered for the 2024 awards. They will be kept on file, however, for a period of five years.

The Selection Committee will focus its consideration upon alumni who have demonstrated the character traits of leadership and service, with the nominee’s personal and professional success being an additional factor. Examples should include:

-Active participation in the community, state, or national activities
-Evidence of lasting contribution to an organization, business, or society in general
-Exhibited leadership ability
-Distinction in personal life