COVID-19 Vaccines

Texas Department of State Health Services Vaccine Info

Texas Department of State Health Services Vaccine Information:

  • eligibility
  • comparison of different brands
  • 3rd dose and booster shots
  • vaccine finder
  • questions and concerns explained

Difference Between Vaccination & Immunization

  • A vaccine prepares your body to fight the disease faster and more effectively.
  • Immunization is the process of becoming immune to (protected against) a disease.

Brenham ISD Vaccine Events

NOTE:  If you participated in a Brenham ISD Vaccine Event and you are unable to make your scheduled "second dose", simply go to your local pharmacy during your "second shot window" and they can help you!  Click HERE to find a pharmacy!


Other Vaccine Opportunities

Many local pharmacies offer the COVID-19 Vaccine

Click HERE to find a pharmacy!