About Brenham ISD

Brenham ISD is the first public school district established in the grand state of Texas and is one of the finest districts in the state. Brenham ISD was established following a bill passed on March 25, 1875 during the 14th Legislature. This bill gave city councils the power and exclusive control to collect a special school tax for the maintenance and operations of public schools within their corporation limits. Resolutions were passed during a city council meeting on April 26, 1875 accepting the benefits of this new law. An annual ad valorem tax of one quarter of one percent on each dollar’s worth of taxable property was levied.

The first day of classes for Brenham Public Schools was September 6, 1875 and the session lasted forty weeks. Classes were conducted in the old Key Home on the site of the Sacred Heart Convent, with a monthly rental of $50 until the city purchased the property on October 22, 1877 for $2500. A new two story brick building was constructed during 1878 at a cost of $10,000. 

Today, we are a thriving and innovative district that has been featured across the country on national news. Brenham ISD is a proud community inspiring and encouraging excellence for ALL. 

district building